About me


Welcome Dear Visitor 🙂

I’m Tim and I love exploring foreign countries and cultures. My curiosity led me to remote places like Scandinavian mountaintops, the South African wilderness and Thai hill tribe villages. I discover hidden places that most tourists usually don’t get to see. I’m a responsible traveller who respects the environment, the local people and wildlife. I’m also a hobby photographer and always on the hunt to capture impressive landscapes and meaningful portraits. Most of the pictures on this blog were captured by myself.

On my blog I’m offering you:

1. All the stories about my off the beaten path adventures in the nature
2. Tips to successfully plan your own trip
3. Inspiration to go out and explore this exciting world yourself

Curious? Then enjoy the discovery! Please feel free to drop me a message in the form below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and will reply soon unless I’m stuck in the jungle without WiFi 😉