Discovering the Lonely Islands around Ko Chang

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Discovering the Lonely Islands around Ko Chang

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The magnificent island Ko Chang is the perfect destination to relax. But if you are restless (like me) or searching for a little adventure this might be for you: Discover lonely, inhabited islands, relax at your ‘private’ beach and take some nice pictures. All by yourself.

After traveling a few weeks through Thailand we decided to rest for a few days in Ko Chang. We enjoyed walking along the Klong Prao beach, swimming in the sea and watching the sunset. I noticed a couple of islands that seemed to be quite close. The hotel staff explained to me that they are uninhabited and we could get there by Kayak. That was enough information to pique my curiosity. Early next morning we rented the Kayak’s and paddled towards the islands.

All the islands near Klong Prao Beach (Ko Chang). On the very top is Ko Suwan


Ko Suwan Island

Ko Suwan was the nearest island so we decided to get there first. We spent almost half a day there. Everything was very natural and exotic. You will hear cicadas and find plenty of trees, bush and rocks. We relaxed at the beach and took a walk to a cave on the west side of the island. You can even go snorkelling in there.

View from the beach at Ko Suwan Island to the coast of Ko Chang


It was great to have this lovely place only for ourselves although it is so easily accessible. Maybe you might see some local people fishing but that shouldn’t bother you 🙂 Overall a nice little adventure in between our recreational holiday on Ko Chang.


How to get to Ko Suwan Island

Some companies offer boat tours that lead past (or maybe even to the islands). The better option is to get yourself a Kayak. Fortunately, our hotel (the Santhiya Tree Ko Chang) provided them for free. You can also rent Kayaks at the beach. Just ask the locals.


Our Equipment: Life Jackets, Kayak and most importantly: Freddy the Crocodile 🙂


Depending on your physical condition you might reach the island from various spots on the west side of Ko Chang. Klong Prao Beach is the best starting point because of the short distance to Ko Suwan. It will take around 30 minutes to get there with moderate speed and fitness level.

On the East side of Ko Suwan you’ll find a spot at the beach where you can enter the island with your Kayak (directly opposite to the Ko Chang beach).


Don’t let this happen to you

You can do this trip even as an absolute Kayak beginner. If you don’t know how to steer or paddle, check out YouTube or ask the hirer 😉 However, don’t underestimate the distance and the sea!

While we were still relaxing on Ko Suwan beach, the weather changed quite quickly and large, dark clouds appeared. We left the island in a hurry. On our way back we fought against currents that became increasingly stronger. We didn’t panic and kept paddling towards the coast. It required much more strength than we expected but eventually we reached Klang Prao Beach safely.

Soon after, it started to rain heavily. We were lucky that we made it in time. Believe me: You don’t want to be paddling on the sea when a thunderstorm arises.


A few rules to assure a safe journey

To make sure to be safe during your journey consider these things:

  • Carefully observe the weather conditions at the start and during your journey (how to read weather on the sea)
  • Go together with another fit / adult person
  • Wear something on your head as sun protection
  • Wear a life jacket
  • Put your belongings into a drybag to protect them from salt water

That’s advice based on my experience. Please note that making this tour is at your own risk. Enjoy the trip and please leave a comment if this blogpost helped you to discover the lonely islands 🙂


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