Thailand: Exotic landscapes, friendly people, delicious food

Planning an adventure in Thailand? I’ve compiled a few useful tips for you:

Thailand is probably the most popular destination for first-time Asia visitors from around the world. There’s a reason for this: The public transportation is well organised, it’s very safe and offers so many beautiful places.

As a European I find Thailand very exotic. There are tropical rainforests, large national parks with bamboo and palm trees and above all wildlife. I particularly like the Thai culture. People are very diplomatic, friendly and helpful. It’s also a paradise for foodies.

Thailand is an excellent destination for adventure trips in the nature. If you don’t feel confident exploring the country on your own you may book a guided tour. The offer is seemingly endless and ranges from hiking to climbing and diving.



Thailand’s vivid capital city. Enjoy the street food, markets and nightlife. To get a first impression of Bangkok 3-4 days are enough.


Chiang Mai

Thailand’s pearl of the north. You’ll appreciate the stunning landscapes, beautiful temples and night bazars. It’s surrounded by jungle and the ideal starting point for outdoor adventures.


Ko Chang

If you seek relaxation Ko Chang is the right place for you. A calm little island in the Gulf of Thailand near the Cambodian border. Enjoy the beaches and calm atmosphere. But don’t forget to add a little bit of adventure to your trip đŸ˜‰


Khao Lak

Beautiful area in the South-West of Thailand with a tragic past (tsunami). You’ll find long, lonely beaches and plenty of small but beautiful national parks. Come here if you want to enjoy a bath in your “private waterfall” far away from the crowds.


3 Reasons why you should visit Thailand

1) Because of the exotic landscape

2) Because of the friendly people

3) Because of the delicious (street) food


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