Iceland: Diverse, Wild & Beautiful

Iceland is a great country and I can definitely recommend all nature lovers to pay it a visit once in their lives. In my opinion the beauty of Iceland is its scenic diversity. You can basically find anything from grassland to beaches, glaciers, rocks, lava fields, waterfalls and gush springs in this little country. Sometimes it happens that your whole surrounding changes entirely within a few minutes. It’s those contrasts that I’ve particularly enjoyed. Also I have to mention that I liked the wilderness, especially in the Western part of the island. It was a great feeling to watch the sunset from the top of a huge area of extrusive rocks while the rough wind was blowing heavily against the car windows and pushing the waves towards the cliffs.

One remark: In my opinion Iceland is a bit overrated. I have to admit that I was a victim of my own high expectation. Don’t get me wrong: Iceland is amazing! However, don’t expect to be totally blown away if you’ve already been to a few places around the world. What you will rarely find in Iceland are “extremes”. Keep in mind that it’s a small island. Don’t expect the waterfalls to be as impressive as the angel falls or the mountains to be as high as Nanga Parbat 😉 With the right expectation, Iceland is a must see once in a lifetime.


3 Reasons why you should visit Iceland

1) Because of its landscape diversity

2) Because of its wilderness

3) Because of the Northern lights


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