Our Amazing Road Trip Through Iceland

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Our Amazing Road Trip Through Iceland

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Iceland is a wonderful country that offers scenic landscapes, great hiking opportunities and a chance to watch the aurora borealis. We relaxed next to breath-taking waterfalls, discovered exiting hiking trails and managed to watch the spectacular northern lights one night. Overall we had a great time travelling along the ring road.

Iceland’s Weather: September Rain

We went there in September and the temperatures were still around 15° C at daytime. Unfortunately, it was either cloudy or rainy most of the days which made it difficult to spot the polar lights or successfully complete some of the hikes like the one in Skaftafell National Park. Nevertheless, Iceland’s landscape looks amazing during this season. And as you know… there’s a rainbow at the end of every rain 🙂

Rainbow at Fjallsarlon Glacier Lake, Iceland


Discover the Waterfalls

Iceland has so many waterfalls that it makes sense to inform yourself before the trip about them. It will take a lot of time to see all of them, so pick the ones that look most appealing to you. Thankfully somebody did the work for us and collected the Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls of Iceland. My personal favourite is the Seljalandsfoss 🙂

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Iceland’s Biggest Asset: It’s Scenic Diversity

Not only the waterfalls are impressive in Iceland. We particularly enjoyed the scenic diversity. This small country has everything to offer that you can think of: grassland, rocks, beaches, glaciers, lava fields, waterfalls and gush springs.

Basalt Cliffs at Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

I especially liked the areas where different landscapes merge together.

Skaftafell National Park: Ice meets Grassland

The less known Glacial Lagoon near the popular Jökulsarlon Glacial Lagoon is named Fjallsarlon. It’s a great example for the sharp contrast of Iceland’s landscape types. Fjallsarlon is easily accessible via the ring road and you should definitely visit it when you drive through this area.

Fjallsarlon Glacial Lake, Iceland


The Breath-Taking Polar Lights

The absolute highlight of our trip was viewing the polar lights. Photography has its limits and the Polar Lights are an excellent example of that. In my opinion it is impossible to convey the beauty of this breath-taking phenomenon in an image. I’ve tried and I hope you like the picture. Nevertheless, I recommend you to see this yourself once in your life! You can find some advice on viewing the polar lights here (coming soon).

Polar Lights, Iceland

Rent a Car and Enjoy the Freedom

Hiring a rental car turned out to be an excellent decision because we enjoyed absolute flexibility and always had a place to sleep over night if we couldn’t find an accommodation nearby. Also we were able to reach rather remote areas and to visit the sights early in the morning before the crowds arrived by travel busses departing from Reykjavik. It’s difficult to capture popular waterfalls like the Seljalandsfoss without a bunch of people in the background if you arrive there later than 8 a. m. So either you stand up early or let Photoshop do the job 😉

Sleeping Spot near Seljalandsfoss, Iceland


You Have to Search for the Hidden Gem’s

Keep in mind that Iceland is not that unoccupied anymore like it was a few years ago. Especially at the popular sights near the ring road (for example at the Golden Circle) is mass tourism. On the one hand it’s good that many sights are located near the ring road. They are easily accessible and you are able to visit multiple sights per day. On the other hand almost any natural wonder loses its magic if it’s overcrowded. At least that’s how I feel as an off the beaten path traveller. It’s more difficult nowadays to discover deserted places in Iceland. Luckily it is still possible especially further away from Reykjavik and the ring road. A good example is the West of Iceland up to the Snaefellsjoekull National Park. Happy Discovery 🙂

Lost Building, West Iceland


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